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"One of my main goals with playlist editing is discovering wonderful new music from talented artists all over the world and to build with them a powerful co-supportive community." 

If you carefully respect & follow these guidelines, guaranteed sincere feedback about your submission.

1.Listen to some songs of the playlist you would like to submit to catch the style and the atmosphere of the list. Please really do it: when itโ€™s not done most often the submission REALLY doesnโ€™t fit, which is a bit frustrating for everyone. ๐Ÿ˜‰

2. Show me you're interested in my curator work when you answer the questions of the form. It's a pleasure to read which other featured artists you discovered and like, to understand what are your influences and to guess we share common things in this wide universe.

3. Submit only one song per playlist, the best fit in your opinion.

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